I would like to express my gratitude for your interest in Wahru Group.

At Wahru Group, our Corporate Vision guides all activities carried out by group companies, while our Code of Conduct provides a standard by which employees at Wahru Group make and carry out decisions.

From the perspective of contributing to the resolution of the most important issues of society as a whole, we have identified three priorities for Wahru Group: “Clients”, “Community”, and “Responsibility”. For our clients, we strive to provide the products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. For the second priority, we prioritize investment and social activities which contribute to local community and allow our employees to give back to society. As for the third theme, we make efforts to provide a responsible and transparent framework for our clients, our employees, and our stakeholders throughout each and every interaction and business relationship.

We continually challenge ourselves to progressively evolve and contribute to the growth and development of Canada and the world, as well as continuing to protect and build on the confidence that stakeholders have placed in us over the years.

We will do our best to fulfill our mission by supporting and contributing to our overall society. We appreciate your understanding of Wahru’s endeavours and continued support in the future.

August 2017

Dominic Chung
President & CEO
Wahru, Inc.